Globalization Cluster Accepting Applications for Full-time Research Assistants

Full Time Research Assistant in International Economics

Advisors: Treb Allen, Distinguished Associate Professor of Economics and Globalization, Dartmouth College

Davin Chor, Associate Professor and Globalization Chair, Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College

The Globalization Cluster at Dartmouth College is looking to hire up to two highly skilled and motivated full-time research assistants, to begin in the summer or fall of 2023 and to work for one year on topics in international economics. The positions are made possible by the endowed funds of the Globalization Cluster, which seeks to promote scholarship on the far-reaching repercussions of globalization on world markets, governments, trade, and society. The position may be extended for an additional year pending funding and performance.

The position is ideal for individuals with a strong quantitative background, and an interest and enthusiasm in applying this background to the evaluation and design of better economic policy. Tasks may include: (i) processing and analyzing large datasets in international trade and spatial economics; and (ii) assisting with coding necessary to implement related economic models.

The position is located at Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH. Dartmouth is home to one of the leading groups of international economists in the world. Across the College and the Tuck School of Business, the group includes: Treb Allen, Andy Bernard, Emily Blanchard, Davin Chor, Teresa Fort, Matthew Grant, Douglas Irwin, Felix Montag, Nina Pavcnik, Matthew Slaughter, Robert Staiger, and Meredith Startz. (See: for information on the broader set of economics faculty based at Dartmouth.)

The research assistants will have the opportunity to work and interact with Dartmouth faculty studying topics in international economics, while being primarily supervised by Allen and/or Chor. Research assistants are encouraged to participate in weekly internal and external seminars in international economics, as well as attend weekly department-wide seminars. Research assistants will also have the opportunity to enroll in one Dartmouth undergraduate course each year.

This position requires a Bachelor's degree. In addition, the ideal candidate should have 1) a strong mathematical background (including multivariate calculus and linear algebra, with knowledge of higher-level math such as graph theory and differential equations a plus); 2) strong programming skills (including Stata and Matlab, with knowledge of GIS a plus); 3) the ability to work independently; and 4) a long term interest in pursuing a Ph.D. in economics. Prior research assistant experience is preferred. A demonstrated excellence in academic performance is required.

Annual salary is $55,000.

Applications can be submitted via and will be considered on a rolling basis. In your application, please include:

  1. A cover letter with: 

    1. A brief description of your experience as a research assistant and with any independent research (e.g. thesis or other research projects). 

    2. A brief description of your mathematical background.

    3. A description of your familiarity with various statistical and computer packages (e.g. STATA, Matlab, ArcGIS, etc.)  

    4. The names of two references (and their email and phone contact information) who we can reach out to if necessary. Please indicate which references you have worked for as a research assistant (if applicable).  

 2. A current CV.

 3. A transcript. (Unofficial is acceptable, if an official transcript is not readily available). 

 4. Date you are available to start work.