Distinguished Lecture on Globalization

The 2023 Lecture: Leah Boustan

Streets of Gold: America's Untold Story of Immigrant Success

To view a recording of the lecture delivered on Tuesday, 19 September 2023, click: [here].

Immigration is one of the most fraught topics in American political discourse. But in most cases, the things we believe about immigration are based largely on myth, not facts. In this talk, Leah Boustan uses big data on millions of immigrant families to present new evidence about the past and present of the American Dream. The data shows that children of immigrants have had higher rates of economic mobility than children of similar US-born parents for more than a century, and that immigrants are less likely to be incarcerated than the US-born, both in the past and today.

About the speaker:
Leah Boustan is a Professor of Economics at Princeton University, where she also serves as the Director of the Industrial Relations Section. Her research lies at the intersection between economic history and labor economics. Professor Boustan is co-director of the Development of the American Economy Program at the National Bureau of Economic Research and serves as co-editor at the American Economic Journal: Applied Economics.

Organized by:  The Globalization Cluster at Dartmouth. With support from the Department of Economics, Tuck School of Business, and Dickey Center for International Understanding.

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