Globalization Scholars


Globalization Scholars are exceptional Dartmouth students with an interest in conducting research in topics related to globalization. Globalization Scholars work full time (35 hours / week for ten weeks) during their off-term on research with a faculty member affiliated with the Globalization Cluster. For this, Globalization Scholars receive a stipend of $5,000.

The Globalization Scholar program is open to all Dartmouth undergraduates, although preference is given to those who plan to take, are in the process of taking, or have completed the Dartmouth Economics international economics "9s" sequence (Econ 29, Econ 39, and Econ 69).

Please email with any other questions about the program.

Working with Faculty

Most globalization scholars work with a single affiliated faculty member on that faculty's research. That research could include conducting literature reviews, performing data cleaning and analysis, assisting with economic theory and simulations, etc., with the exact assistance depending on the preferences of the scholar and the needs of the particular research project. Some globalization scholars may instead work to assist with the public dissemination of affiliated faculty members' research. These scholars would be in charge with reading faculty's research, interviewing faculty members, and writing up short summaries of the research that can be featured on the globalization, economics, and/or Tuck webpages.

Any Tuck or Economics professor working on issues related to globalization is eligible to work with a globalization scholar. Faculty include (but are not limited to) Treb Allen (Econ), Andy Bernard (Tuck), Emily Blanchard (Tuck), Davin Chor (Tuck), Diego Comin (Econ), Jim Feyrer (Econ), Teresa Fort (Tuck), Matt Grant (Econ), Apoorv Gupta (Econ), Doug Irwin (Econ), Erin Mansur (Tuck), Felix Montag (Tuck), Nina Pavcnik (Econ), Matt Slaughter (Tuck), Chris Snyder (Econ), Bob Staiger (Econ), and Meredith Startz (Econ).

How to Apply

Applications for Globalization Scholars are considered on a rolling basis. Students interested in applying should first contact a Globalization cluster affiliated faculty member to express their interest. The faculty member should then email

2023-2024 Globalization Scholars

  • Keso Kakachia. Advisor: Treb Allen, Summer 2023.
  • Ghenge Zhu. Advisor: Meredith Startz, Summer 2023.

Previous Scholars: 

  • Eliana Ornelas. Advisor: Felix Montag, Spring 2023.
  • Kevin Cao, Advisor: Davin Chor, Winter 2023
  • Xuru (Ruby) Peng. Advisor: Matt Grant, Summer 2022.
  • Nico Parodi, Advisor: Doug Irwin, Summer 2022
  • Sachin Ganesh, Advisor: Matt Grant, Spring 2022
  • Yiran (Isabella) Yu, Advisor: Davin Chor, Summer 2021
  • Umair Shahbaz, Advisor: Apoorv Gupta, Summer 2021
  • Grayce Gibbs, Advisor: Teresa Fort, Summer 2021