Recent Publications

Faculty affiliated with the Globalization Cluster publish their research in the foremost economics journals. The following are some recent publications:

Treb Allen and Costas Arkolakis, "Welfare Effects of Transportation Infrastructure Improvements", Review of Economic Studies, November 2022

Treb Allen and David Atkin, "Volatility and Gains from Trade", Econometrica, September 2022

Andrew Bernard, Emmanuel Dhyne, Glenn Magerman, Kalina Manova, and Andreas Moxnes, "The Origins of Firm Heterogeneity: A Production Network Approach" Journal of Political Economy, July 2022 

Emily Blanchard and Gerald Willmann, "Unequal gains, prolonged pain: A model of protectionist overshooting and escalation", Journal of International Economics, March 2022

Douglas A. Irwin and Maksym Chepeliev, "The Economic Consequences of Sir Robert Peel: A Quantitative Assessment of the Repeal of the Corn Laws," Economic Journal, November 2021.

Robert Staiger, Kyle Bagwell and Ali Yurukoglu, "Quantitative Analysis of Multiparty Tariff Negotiations" , Econometrica, July 2021

Davin Chor, Kalina Manova and Zhihong Yu. "Growing Like China: Firm Performance and Global Production Line Position." Journal of International Economics. May 2021. 

Robert Staiger and Alan Sykes. "The Economic Structure of International Trade-in-Services Agreements." Journal of Political Economy. April 2021.

Matthew Grant. "Why Special Economic Zones? Using Trade Policy to Discriminate Across Importers." American Economic Review. May 2020.

Treb Allen, Costas Arkolakis, and Yuta Takahashi. "Universal Gravity." Journal of Political Economy. February 2020. 

Douglas A. Irwin, "U.S. Trade Policy in Historical Perspective," Annual Review of Economics, 2020.